5 Best DeFi Projects for Passive Income for 2022

We live in a centralized society with centralized money. Governments and banks can only manage our financial system; we have no control over our money other than what we spend it on. These systems have weaknesses, like the ability to print unlimited amounts of money, resulting in inflation and a significant increase in interest rates.

In contrast, DeFi offers a viable alternative to this economic system. With a typical economic or financial system, supply is infinite. Traditional currencies experience inflation and depreciation over time.

However, in DeFi, you can witness deflation and its currency’s value increasing over time. So, with other currencies or financial systems, you lose money in the long run, whereas DeFi instead will make money in the long run because many DeFi projects also provide staking with high APR, which means you can stake your tokens and passively earn even more tokens.

Here are the 5 Top DeFi projects for passive income.

Torches Finance

Torches is a KuCoin Community Chain-based decentralized lending protocol that has made significant moves in the money lending areas in the blockchain. They are pioneering in risk management, liquidation procedures, lending incentives, and lendable assets. Torches is rapidly becoming an efficient, robust, and secure DeFi platform on KuCoin Community Chain (KCC).

Torches Finance decreases impermanent loss as well. They boost user asset usage using the low gas fee charge and steadily growing KCC ecosystem. Torches Finance has also secured initial investment from KuCoin Ventures. KuCoin Ventures and KCC will collaborate to incubate and empower Torches Finance, so they will be able to establish the infrastructural basis for KCC.

Advantages of Torches Finance

Torches Finance has many primary advantages. First, Torches Finance’s key members are specialists in blockchain operations and team management. Half of the Torches team has a technical background.

This enables Torches Finance to meet any challenge at any moment. Also, they have segregated specialized sub-markets from the primary market to minimize unexpected dangers and security difficulties. These are purely community-driven initiatives.

They have also added the veToken model to the loan protocol, which will dynamically modify the participants’ and stakeholders’ incentives. The DAO governance mechanism is built for better security by providing $TOR (Torches Token) holders’ rights and interests, which ensures your assets’ safety, too.


MojitoSwap is a decentralized exchange that runs on KCC and has several features that let you earn and win tokens. It is simple to use, quick, inexpensive, and accessible. MojitoSwap is the biggest DEX running on KCC with the automated market maker (AMM) mechanism.

This exchange provides all-in-one solutions for on-chain assets with Swaps, Farms, Wine Pools, IDO Launchpads, its NFT Marketplace, and other functions. Even though the project is a little bit young, MojitoSwap has ranked first in the KCC ecosystem with over $47 Million TVL from the launch.

Advantages of MojitoSwap

MojitoSwap is entirely community-driven, and it is the first community-initiated and operated DEX on KCC, progressively transitioning to community ownership via DAO. They not only provide a superb user experience, but they also have a variety of unique and cutting-edge goods, including Swap, Farm, Wine Pool, IDO Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, and others.

Earning $MJT using yield farms and staking, making $MJT with Swap, and earning extra tokens through Mojito Pools are all options. When the Mojito Finance NFT is played, MJT holders may win other fun collections as well.


sKCS.io, a liquid staking system, has officially launched on KCC. It unveiled a massive investment from KuCoin Ventures, the venture capital wing of KuCoin (the top digital currency trading platform), on the first day of its debut.

On KCC, sKCS.io is the dominant liquidity staking mechanism for KCS. KCS holders can stake their KCS into sKCS.io and receive sKCS in exchange. sKCS may be utilized to engage in other DeFi products like MojitoSwap, Torches Finance or Klein Finance to earn more significant returns, or it can be unstaked and returned to KCS at any moment. Following its introduction, sKCS attracted strategic funding from KuCoin Ventures and the KCS Foundation, indicating that it is making good development.

Advantages of sKCS

One of the best features of sKCS.io is that it offers competitive incentives. Users are able to convert their KCS to sKCS and earn a high APR. sKCS.io will continue to accrue staking incentives, allowing users to make compound interest and earn extra rewards. sKCS.io is likewise also very concerned about security because their smart contracts have been reviewed by BlockSec, an industry leader in smart contract auditing. Users do not need to be concerned about any concerns raised by smart contracts.

Ownership is another advantage of sKCS.io. When staking with sKCS.io, participants retain complete custody of their crypto assets. This is in stark contrast to crypto exchanges, whose assets are entirely controlled by the exchange’s proprietors.

sKCS can be used by various DeFi products like MojitoSwap or Torches. This will allow more KCS holders to participate in developing the KCS and KCC ecosystems, increasing the usage and existence value of KCS.

Klein Finance

Klein Finance is a decentralized liquidity pool exchange on the Kucoin Community Chain. It is used in high-efficiency, low-risk stablecoin trading, generating extra cash for liquidity providers. Users may trade, offer liquidity, and get incentives in an on-chain environment that is secure and reliable, with little slippage, good depth, and cheap costs.

Klein aspires to be the first-tier DEX in the KCC ecosystem and to serve the community indefinitely to achieve shared wealth and growth. Klein Finance, a well-performing DeFi protocol specializing in high-efficiency and low-slippage stablecoin trading, is also an excellent addition to the KCC ecosystem.

Klein enables the range of liquidities to be automatically changed, resulting in the optimal route for each trade, making it simple and stable for both newbies to DeFi and professionals to swap and stake for extra profits with cheap transaction costs losses.

Advantages of Klein Finance

As the premier DEX on the KuCoin Community Chain, Klein provides liquidity pools for liquidity providers to trade and stake their assets with minimal slippage and transaction costs. The AMM mode may automatically alter the liquidity aggregation range depending on the feed price provided by the internal Oracle, lowering the required expenses considerably.

Users can also earn by trading and investing in Klein.

Trading and staking may also be used to gain Klein’s token, which can then be frozen to obtain Klein’s governance token veKEN, which can be used to enhance mining or vote to develop the ecosystem. Klein has also passed a PeckShield audit, making it a safe and promising DeFi project in today’s market.

The trading model is a diverse liquidity pool that provides a cross-market method for establishing stablecoins that can match the needs of multiple stablecoins vs. multiple non-stablecoins and multiple non-stablecoins vs. multiple non-stable tokens.


OpenLeverage is a lending margin trading protocol that enables traders or users to be long or short any trading pair on DEXs efficiently and securely without permission as they lend tokens or assets independently. The OpenLeverage protocol’s purpose is to establish a permissionless decentralized margin trading platform.

As a result, setting up a margin trading market for any pair with isolated and market-adjusted risk controls requires no clearance. The long-term objective of OpenLeverage is to create a decentralized crypto securities service for individual and institutional clients, comprising decentralized lending, derivatives trading, and asset management infrastructure that connects to the global DeFi ecosystem.

The Advantage of OpenLeverage

OpenLeverage makes it possible to lend assets securely and quickly without obtaining permission. Anyone may set up loan pools for every trading pair accessible on a DEX with a default interest rate and risk criteria that the community can change through the governance process.

Lenders can earn more significant returns by placing assets into lending pools, earning interest on loaned assets, obtaining OLE incentives, or receiving rewards by re-staking LToken to participate in the reward programs of other projects.

If the trade’s collateral ratio falls below the market limit, liquidators can activate liquidations to collect incentives. With a single click, traders may borrow and leverage trade hundreds of pairs from DEX.


These are some of the best DeFi projects in which a trader can invest. The models of those listed above can help you earn income passively, and significant market crypto players like KuCoin back them, too. The KuCoin Community Chain is notable in these projects and is secure, so you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

This is a community post written by the ARTEM Noah and published on https://news.kcc.io