What is Forward and How Does It Work?

Forward is a no-code dApp builder with a fully featured frontend drag-and-drop interface that allows anyone to deploy customized applications without any technical knowledge. It adopts a user-friendly model similar to WordPress to facilitate a no-code environment that users can use to deploy their dApps without technical knowledge. 

Forward aims to resolve the technical knowledge barrier, cost of entry, and implementation timeline challenges on the path to mass adoption. It also facilitates Web3 interoperability with only a few clicks through its integration with over 700 EVM & Rust compatible chains.

The Forward-KCC integration is a pivotal collaboration to unlock the full potential of Web3 through a low-cost, fast, and secure EVM-compatible ecosystem. With KCC now fully integrated into over the last month, performance and user-experience continues to trend in a positive direction. 

Forward’s moniker as the WordPress of Web3 comes from their similarities in promoting Web2 and Web3 ecosystems. However, instead of a plugin library, Forward is powered by Forward Factory.  

Forward Factory

Forward Factory is the platform where individuals, businesses, developers, and other blockchain users can create, personalize, and deploy dApps and smart contracts through a user-friendly, non-technical interface. 

Forward runs on an open-source protocol, so developers can create, upload, and set their preferred monetization structure for the dApp templates they add to the marketplace. 

The Forward Marketplace is already live with fully customizable dApps that users can modify and deploy according to their needs. The marketplace already supports comprehensive and customizable dApp options, and it continues to grow, with more options on the way. 

Visit the marketplace to explore and find the dApp templates that fit your organization’s needs. 

Who Can Use Forward?

Forward’s novel solution expanded the usability framework of blockchain technology to include almost every class of users – e-commerce stores, crypto projects, non-profit organizations, charities, degree-issuing programs and institutions, ticketing sales platforms, etc. 

Anyone can deploy, distribute, and sell fungible and non-fungible tokens, host crowdsale events, or launch staking and other reward programs from a single interface in under five minutes. Forward achieves this level of utility by removing the technical knowledge, cost of entry, and implementation timeline barriers to these functionalities. 

Technical Knowledge Barrier

The technical knowledge barrier is the skill and experience gap between a savvy smart contract developer and the average person. It is a widening chasm that applies on both ends and limits potential creators and users from interacting with blockchain ecosystems. 

Forward removes the knowledge barrier by facilitating access to educational material and technical solutions using comprehensive language and simple drag-and-drop components. Users can deploy their creations and customize their dApp templates from the marketplace in a few easy clicks, with no technical skills or experience required. 

Cost of Entry

Another significant problem that Forward solves is the financial commitment involved in exploring blockchain solutions. Finding a workable blockchain solution is a process that involves expenses that may not yield any dividends in the short term. Hence, it limits or even eliminates the options of small to medium-sized businesses exploring Web3. 

Forward’s Marketplace has already added customizable dApp templates and integrated over 700 chains, including KCC, so that users test their ideas, compare alternatives, and deploy their solutions on a tiny budget. These templates are available for free, with users only paying the network fees from test to full deployment.

Implementation Timeline 

Forward’s smart contracts and dApp templates are freely accessible for users to assess the conditions that suit their business or application without any long-term research or significant upfront commitments. 

It takes under five minutes to go live on the blockchain from Forward’s Marketplace. 

The customizable dApp templates already active in the marketplace include the following – 

  • Basic NFT Smart Contract
  • Staking Smart Contract
  • Mintable Token with Ownership Control
  • NFT Creator with Permissions
  • Ownership-Based NFT Creator
  • USDT-Based Crowdsale Contract
  • Token Sale Contract
  • Smart Contract-Based Multi-Signature Wallet

The Forward Marketplace offers a wide range of customizable dApp templates, and it continues to grow with new templates and features on the way. Whether you’re looking to deploy fungible or non-fungible tokens, host crowdsale events, or launch staking and other reward programs, Forward has a solution for you. With its user-friendly interface and integration with KCC and over 700 EVM & Rust compatible chains, the possibilities are endless.

The Interface of Web3 

Forward unlocks the entire Web3 ecosystem for every user through its combination of customization, interoperability, and usability for seamless deployment. Its user-friendly interface allows users to access multiple solutions and enjoy full functionality on different networks without the traditional problems that hinder participation. 

As the blockchain space continues to evolve and explore new avenues, Forward is the interface that supports and translates these innovations to users on all technical levels. 

DISCLAIMER: Please note that all projects and dApp applications running on the KuCoin Community Chain (KCC) are independently developed by third-party developers. They are not audited by KCC official team. KuCoin Community Chain is an entirely open-source and open community, which means everyone and all project parties can participate. All opportunities and risks also exist at the same time. You need to identify and prevent risks carefully.