God of Musician Platform Explodes onto Metaverses Segment with GMiner NFTs

NFT is an important player in Web 3.0, at the same time, NFT and Gamefi introduced a large number of new users to the crypto world in the early stage. As the development of NFT field, various kinds of innovative NFTs are meeting with you. This time, I focus on music NFT, and I hope my sharing will be helpful for you to understand atypical NFT.

God of Musician is set to go live in mainnet in August 2022. God of musician is a multi-product ecosystem that promotes itself as “the largest music NFT DeFi community in the world”, which is developed by a heavy-hitting team of reputable professionals in different industries. 

The start-up team of God of Musician consists of reputable professionals in different industries. Its development as a high-tech venture is curated by CEO Dong Seok Yu and technical advisor Jae Hwan Lee, top-tier professionals in the Web3 tech and venture capital segment. Six other team members are music professors well known for long-term collaboration with top Western celebrities.

The God of Musician is going to migrate toward full decentralization with the G.O.M. Web3.0 DAO community. It will be the first-ever decentralized autonomous organization of music creators, promoters and fans.

According to official information, musicians are able to earn passive income by uploading their works to mint personal exclusive music NFT. In this way, it allows musicians to get financial support and start-up musicians to make their own music, which gradually makes niche musicians popular to indirectly change the form of creation. This is also the most important factor that God Of Musician is going to set off a big change in the music market.The platform will build a decentralized economic model with meta-universe and cryptocurrency.

The tokenomic design of the God of Musician ecosystem is underpinned by the GMiner NFT mechanism. Only holders of the first generation of GMiner NFTs will be entitled to mine GOM, a core native utility and governance token of the God of Musician project. The GMiner mechanism has three levels: beginner, expert and professional. Users can join this or that level depending on their stamina points. Each stamina point allows you to mine 1 GOM token per day. To ensure the decentralized design of the protocol, Professional users can only mine up to 100 GOM every 24 hours. In all, 200,000 GOM can be mined daily.

Besides that, GMiner NFT holders will be able to take part in crucial referendums regarding the next phases of God of Musician’s ecosystem’s progress. Meanwhile, GOM tokens will soon be accepted in native staking mechanisms; one more instrument for passive income will be offered to music enthusiasts and NFT ecosystem supporters.

Recently, this project, created by professors, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and tech geeks who have been deeply involved in the music field for decades, is popular. Because its emergence promotes the exchange of value between different musicians and is expected to create one of the fairest music communities. It is another innovation in the field of NFT and also shows that web 3.0 is truly made for the benefit of mankind.

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This is a community post written by Stephen Josh and published on https://news.kcc.io

The featured Image is from: https://www.godmusician.com/