Announcement of the KCC Validator Election

Dear KCC Community Members,

It has been one year since KCC was established, and we are very grateful to everyone for their recognition and support of the KCC along the way. In order to further enhance the prosperity and development of the KCC ecosystem, we will officially open the KCC Validator Election on June 16, 2022.

The KCC Validator Election does not limit the number of participants. Organizations or users can apply and be candidates. However, it should be noted that KCC will conduct a certain review of applicants. After the review, participants need to submit a proposal and stake a certain amount of KCS to have a chance to enter the final stage of Validator Election. KCC will dynamically monitor the lock-up volume of KCS nodes, and the top 29 nodes in the lock-up volume will automatically become active validators, receive the gas fee on the KCC and have the right to participate in the KCC governance.

The KCC Validators Election registration is now open. Organizations and users who are interested in applying for the KCC Validators Election can send emails to the KCC official business development email ([email protected]) to obtain the registration link and learn more details.

Benefits of being a KCC active validator:

  • KCC Gas Fee
  • Subsidies (KCS Bonus)
  • Governance right on the KCC

How to become an active validator on KCC?

  1. Complete KYC as required in the registration link, and KCC will review the registration. After the review is passed, the candidate will receive an official email notification, and the following actions can be performed after receiving the notification.
  2. Candidates can initiate KCC on-chain proposals and, after receiving votes from more than half of the active validators, can become inactive validators (Inactive validators do not have any rewards or governance rights).
  3. After staking a certain amount of KCS (subject to the official requirements of the KCC), it will automatically enter the KCC Validator Election. KCC will dynamically monitor KCS’s total value locked of the nodes (including the nodes staking and users voting), and then the top 29 nodes in the TVL will automatically become active validators.

Please pay attention:

KCC does not support any illegal fundraising activities based on the Validator Election. If the participants violate the law or fraud, the KCC GoDAO Foundation has the right to cancel their election qualifications.

KCC GoDAO Foundation


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